who we are

Our Mission

To curate and supply the highest quality local products to our neighborhood, families and friends.  We want to bring our passion for superior quality products and customer service to your table.



Passion for quality flavors and food inspired Daniel Stribling and Robert Turner to introduce unique tastes to our local community. Growing up in California, Robert learned to love cuisine that drew influence from the fusion of a multitude of cultures. The spices and flavors mixed exotic elements from all around the world. In his travels during school and work, he tasted food that was richly ingrained in the cultures of the countries and locations he visited.

After working as a professional chef in Montana, Daniel realized the restaurant he was working at lacked a connection with its customers. Daniel was inspired to share his love of food directly with his customers and community to improve and enrich their experience. He knew he wanted to bring this concept to his hometown back East.

 Gainesville, the poultry capital of the world, has a vast, diverse agricultural community. Buzz words like local sustainability are often used, but the reality is that true farm-to-table is not available in our local area without a lot of driving. The goal of Grubs Market is to bring local resources to one place. Our local farmers have amazing offerings that are not well-publicized, and we want to help that change.

Our market research involved a lot of taste testing. We discovered that great, natural, and sustainable food from your local area is better and healthier for you than the big box commodity foods. Your taste buds will thank you!

Daniel and Robert have worked hard to forge friendships and relationships with local farms that pride themselves on raising livestock without hormones, pesticides, or any other unnatural processes. The result is better products, better tastes, and healthy foods.

The name for the market, Grubs, came from a term of endearment that Daniel’s grandfather often used for his grandchildren, “Grubs.” Daniel’s grandfather came to Gainesville in 1956 to be a part of a community, and start his medical practice. Many family meals were shared at Daniel’s grandparents’ home, as food often brings a family together. This term of endearment, Grubs, just encapsulated family tradition, community spirit, and the love of food and gathering. Plus, who doesn’t love to Grub Out?




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